We teach Live Online Yoga in English!

Book your class minimum 1 hour before start!

To be sure of a spot, please book your class minimum 1 hour before class starts. You might be lucky to get a spot, but not guarantied if you book later that an hour before.

Online yoga – anywhere you want!

&yoga is online yoga for those, who want to decide themselve where to do yoga! Online yoga is for those on maternity leave, those, who travel a lot, those, who want to save time and money on transportation to and from a studio. &yoga is also for those who like to do yoga at home.

&yoga is on your computer, the phone or tablet. Your imagination and the internet are defining where you do yoga. Bring yoga to the beach, the park and the garden.

We teach in English

Every class can be tought as a Live Online Yoga in English. Only tell the instructor know before class starts. If not told before class starts, the class will be tought in danish.