As a standard we teach in Danish, but will teach in English when needed.


Yin is a passive yoga style, that contributes to many aspects of human wellbeing. Yin is slow yoga, deep stretches in muscles, around joints, and the connective tissue. The stretches are traditionally held in 15 minutes, but in modern times 3-5 minutes.

Yin is typically practiced in seated or reclined positions, and have a restorative purpose.

Yin improves your flexibility, blood circulation and inner peace and balance.


Vinyasa is sanskrit and means ‘To place something in a special way’. Meaning that Vinyasa is yoga positions connected by slow movements and breath. You may have heard the word FLOW in Yoga – Vinyasa is FLOW.

Vinyasa is a many-sided yoga style, that allows you to combine all exiting poses into different themes and with different purposes.

Vinyasa gives you strength and flexibility, and it improves your balance and mentalt focus.


Hatha is the mother of Yoga, and is the closest you com to traditional Yoga.

Hatha is characterised by low pace and variating poses held for 5-7 breaths.

This yoga style is for everybody, and come with many themes.

Hatha gives you physical strength, flexibility and balance, and it increases your inner focus.

Bikram Style

Bikram is Hatha, and consist of 26 positions and 2 pranayamas, breathing exercises. You go through the whole body and you are challenged og both strength, balance and flexibility.

Bikram is a fixed sequence, and the recognition makes it easy for you to see progress and to let yourself immerse.

Online Bikram is made in normal temperature and the teaching can variate.


Yin/Yang represents active and passive. Our Yin/Yang classes are a mix of the passive Yin and and an active Yoga style, fx. Vinyasa or Hatha. 

Yin/Yang classes are ideal for the yogi, who likes a little of everything.

We start with Pranayama and Yang, and move into the Yin part after 30 minutes.

Private Lesson

Private lessons are unique possibilities to get the best out of your yoga practice.

We make a special program for your needs, and we have lots of time to concentrate on both techniques in body and breathing.

Contact us, and learn more about your opportunities with private lessons.


Guidet meditation makes you relax and let go of tensions. Makes you surrender to the moment, your body and the ultimative feeling of being present.

Meditation is often practiced in a seated position, but can also be practiced reclined. Breathing and relaxation are some of the elements of a succesful meditation, and improves your mental health as well as your physical. 

Regularly meditation improves focus, brings you inner peace, balance and joy.

Meditation can be combined with yoga practice, mindfulness workshops, coach educations and is also known to have a positive affect on kids and grownups suffering from ADHD, autism, PTSD and more.

Yoga Nidra

Yogic (Nidra) sleep deep relaxation makes wonders for your body and mind.

Yoga Nidra is good for muscle tensions, and emotional and mentalt tensions as well.  You relax your mind and let go of stress and worries.

Yoga Nidra provides you better sleep, improves your memory and your learning abilities.

Your sences are increased, and you will experience deeper body consciousness.

And after class you will find that your energy level will rise.

Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor Yoga can be relieving and an enriching experience. The fresh air, the sun and the fragrance are all elements to create a special and unique vibe, that stays in your body lang time after class.  

Lokation depends on the participants, and we will come to your backyard etc. to deliver private lessons and workshops.

Weather determines the time and place, and if necessary we go indoor or postpone the class.